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Corporate Gifts NZ

Well chosen corporate gifts can help build and maintain a relationship, whether it be with a valued employee or a significant client. The wrong gift can work in reverse, to embarrass or offend. The choice of gift is significant. We are happy to advise or make suggestions regarding corporate gifts of NZ made products, and provide free stylish gift wrapping.

"We are delighted with the look of the books. The embossing and wrapping is great. Thanks very much Cathy."
Matt Young, National Sales Manager, Agility Logistics

"Thank you for this, great product, great prices, great service – very happy!"
Nicki Richards, Chester Grey Chartered Accountants

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The prices given on this site are for purchase of a single item. Please let us quote for larger quantities.

Tips for choosing an appropriate gift

  • The best gift is tailored to the recipient, reflecting hobbies and interests or reflecting a particular event.
  • Distinguish between a personal gift and branded merchandise. Branding of merchandise is best left for everyday items, for example pens, umbrellas etc.
  • Avoid extravagant gifts to 'loosen up' a difficult relationship. This could be interpreted wrongly as inappropriate or even as bribery.
  • Limit gift giving to significant events or major holidays.
  • Packaging is important, as is a handwritten card.
  • Check the recipient's company policy, as there may be restrictions with the type of gift the recipient can personally accept. (Their personnel department may be able to assist in this respect.)

International Gifting

This can be a minefield, where a well intentioned gift can easily cause embarrassment or offence. It is advised that you do your own research prior to purchase, but you may find the tips on selecting appropriate gifts for gifting in various countries useful. (See the end of the corporate gifting section).

Please advise us if you are purchasing a gift for travel, as we will endeavour to wrap it in appropriate colours (as this is significant in some countries), and place it in an outer container or bubble bag, which will be labeled to make packing easier for you.


Business Gifts – Australia

  • Gifts are a nice gesture but not expected
  • Avoid overly personal gifts
  • Choose smaller value gifts e.g. Screen Saver, Calendar, Wine
  • Take a small gift for the hostess if visiting their home
Business Gifts – China
  • Exchanging of Gifts is highly recommended
  • Gift wrapping or presentation is significantly important (we can help)
  • Larger Corporations may have policy restrictions on receiving expensive gifts
What to give:

  • Consider giving a gift 'from our company to yours' e.g. Office Decorations
  • A book about NZ is suitable for delegations etc. Scenery Books
  • Give small inexpensive gifts, but wrapped appropriately
  • Red or Gold gifts are considered 'lucky' Red Platter
  • Introduce NZ culture and symbolism
  • Use natural NZ materials e.g. Paua, Wood or Greenstone* Business Card Stand
    *Greenstone is highly valued, but only appropriate for established relationships Framed Greenstone
  • Pairs of objects are lucky, avoid single, odd numbers or sets of four
  • Do not give clocks
  • Do not give sharp objects e.g. paper knives
  • Don't write in red ink
  • White, Blue or Black are associated with funerals
  • Avoid White gifts & Cut flowers
How to give:
  • Be private and discreet giving small gifts to junior people e.g. interpreters
  • It is culturally normal for a gift to be repeatedly refused, but for the giver to persist
  • Give with both hands
Business Gifts – Europe
  • Gifts are a nice gesture but not expected
  • Avoid personal gifts
  • Choose smaller value gifts e.g. Screen Saver, Calendar, Wine
  • Take a small gift for the hostess if visiting their home
Business Gifts – India
  • Consider small gifts (can have logo) for each key person
  • Gifts are not normally expected at a first meeting, but later as the relationship develops
  • Large or expensive gifts can be embarrassing
  • Give with both hands
  • Do not open a gift in front of the giver
  • Consider desk accessories, pens, ties etc
  • Never give alcohol to Muslims; Sikhs do not drink much alcohol
  • Avoid pictures of dogs
Business Gifts – Japan
  • Gift giving is extremely important
What to give:
  • Gifts must be of premium quality, but not necessarily extravagant
  • (Expensive gifts are not viewed as a bribe)
  • Avoid company logos
  • Avoid sets of four
  • Consider Rank ie give a more expensive gift to more senior person
  • Very rude to not give a gift to all people in a group
  • Choose products hard to obtain in Japan
  • Consider their personal tastes & interests
  • Avoid white or bright coloured wrapping
When and how to give:
  • Gifts are given at the first meeting, at the end of the visit
  • Don’t spring the gift on them i.e. subtly pre-warn them
  • Present and receive gifts & business cards with both hands
  • Downplay the gifts importance, as the relationship itself is of greater value
  • Show slight reluctance when receiving a gift
Business Gifts – Korea
  • Generosity is considered important so give generously
  • Your gift will be seen as a symbol of appreciation
  • Four is an unlucky number
  • Do not use red ink
  • Present your gift with both hands
  • Open gifts later
Business Gifts – Latin American Countries
  • Thoughtfulness and generosity are appreciated
  • A gift is not expected at a first meeting, but later as the relationship develops
  • Demonstrate thoughtfulness by considering personal interests
  • Avoid leather – it is their forte
  • Take a small gift for the hostess if visiting their home (chocolates, wine)
  • Some flowers are for funerals –so do some research
  • Alcohol is appropriate
  • Make sure a gift is of high quality
Business Gifts – Malaysia
  • Avoid alcohol or pig products or leathers (offensive to Muslims)
  • Avoid sharp objects and personal items
  • Give with your right hand only
  • In Indian parts, avoid black or white
  • Choose 'happy' colours like yellow, red or green
Business Gifts – Middle Eastern Countries
  • Generosity and politeness are significantly important
  • Gifts are appreciated but not essential
  • The Arabs will normally give first; gifts are opened in private
  • Avoid alcohol and perfumes containing alcohol
  • Avoid pig or dog products or pictures or leathers (offensive to Muslims)
  • Never give to or for a colleagues wife, or enquire about her
  • Avoid sculptures/carvings/paintings of people or dogs
  • Consider premium woolen products, crafts, books of New Zealand and business card holders
Business Gifts – Taiwan
  • Select modest gifts to avoid suggestion of corruption
  • See the China section for more details
Business Gifts – Thailand
  • Give modest gifts
  • Three is a lucky number
  • Bright cheerful colours are OK for wrapping
  • Ripping open wrapping paper is rude
  • Local gifts from your area are appreciated
  • If invited to a home bring flowers (not marigolds or carnations) or fruit
Business Gifts – United States

  • Gifts are a nice gesture but not expected
  • Avoid personal gifts
  • Choose smaller value gifts eg Screen Saver, Calendar, Wine
  • Take a small gift for the hostess if visiting their home
Business Gifts – Vietnam

  • Gift giving is common at the end of a meeting or meal in your honour
  • Gifts can be small and inexpensive
  • Consider using your company logo
  • Consider typical New Zealand products
  • If invited to a home, take sweets, flowers, fruit or incense
  • Use colourful wrapping paper
  • Do not give anything black, handkerchiefs, yellow flowers, chrysanthemums