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Our NZ gifts are an online showcase of what to buy in New Zealand.
We want to help you, our customers, give memorable gifts. To help with your selection, we have carefully hand-picked a range of top quality NZ made products and we are more than happy to provide personal advice. If you would like us to wrap your purchases, we will make sure each gift looks gorgeous; presentation and quality is everything to us. Timeliness is important too, so we endeavour to dispatch goods on the day they are ordered whenever possible.

Secondly, we want to showcase to fellow New Zealanders, and the world, the extent of wonderfully diverse products made right here in New Zealand. We have immense pride in the cross-section of fabulously talented individuals and creative companies, quietly producing terrific goods. Not only are the end results special, but they are produced in a country that is both environmentally sensitive and conscious of employee work ethics and conditions. There are a handful of products not completely made in NZ, but with these products, we look for significant NZ labour content within the finished article.


Our Customers - and keeping them happy. We aim to provide unequalled customer service.

New Zealand - we know that strong brands and innovative products will keep this country ticking. We endeavour to supply products that are more than just designed here. We want to support companies that provide work in NZ, not only for their employees, but the employees of their suppliers too. We are disappointed by the sheer quantity of 'Kiwiana' products manufactured overseas, and we specifically avoid stocking these products.

The Environment - we are pleased to support the Opossum fur trade, given the enormous damage opossums cause to our native flora and fauna. Within the workplace, we reduce, re-use and recycle - especially outer shipping cartons, protective inner packaging and paper (but always ensuring a professional final package). Empty ribbon spools and other items are delivered to the local kindergarten (where they morph into imaginative creations).


My name is Cathy Knight and I started New Zealand Showcase in 2006 looking to reveal some of the wonderful products from emerging and established companies and individuals here in New Zealand.

While no artisan myself, I am armed with an eye for quality, a passion for customer service, and a background in marketing and small business management.

Returning to NZ after the traditional overseas experience, I was adamant I wanted to work for a New Zealand manufacturing company. That small (now much larger) company was testament to the international success that can be attained by New Zealand manufacturers through ambition and innovative management.

A few years later, the frustration of trying to find a stylish letterbox to place outside our newly built home, led to the creation of an Architectural Letterbox company. After evolving into a successful internet based business, it has now been sold to focus on New Zealand Showcase Ltd.

I love to discover new products, especially from those companies quietly becoming world class. For example, Puma, the dartboard manufacturer based in Katikati, making the best dartboards in the world. Dartboards so good they have been used in the World Championships for years. Amazing!

We hope you enjoy browsing our product range, and sharing our wonderful products with colleagues, customers, friends, and family.

Cathy Knight