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  Search Results » Cast Glass Maori Design Fish Hook Ornament

Cast Glass Maori Design  Fish Hook Ornament
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  Cast Glass Maori Design Fish Hook Ornament

These hand made solid glass Hooks make a memorable gift or memento. The process of casting is lengthy and results in a solid piece of crystal gass that is beautiful to touch and hold, or hang on the wall to admire. Each piece is made in a separate mould, which is destoyed at the end of the process.
This more traditional maori design or symbol is referred to as "Maui's Hook"; named after the legend telling of a Maori boy, Maui, who  fished the islands of New Zealand up from the bottom of the sea.

Made From:     Cast Crystal Glass
Size:              140mm x 65mm x 10mm  
Packaging:   Velvet Presentation Case,  beautifully wrapped with ribbons and complimentary gift card

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Price NZ $67.85* (convert currency)
             *less GST on deliveries outside NZ (GST Exempt)

Colours / Styles
Copper Blue Emerald Black

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