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  Search Results » Exquisite Framed Feather Kete Basket - Single

Exquisite Framed Feather Kete Basket - Single
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  Exquisite Framed Feather Kete Basket - Single

Reflective of traditional Maori Arts and Crafts, this delicately handcrafted clay  and feather 'kete' or basket is exquisitely finished and presented. (The photos do not do it justice). Such beautifully framed kete make  stylish and uniquely New Zealand presents, a perfect corporate gift. The traditional flax 'kete' was a food gathering basket, and is also  a Maori symbol representing a container of knowledge and wisdom. 
Each is slightly differs, depending on the feathers used.

*Please allow two weeks for dispatch
 Larger (with two or three ketes), and other frame colours available - contact us.

Made from: Framed  oven fired clay  kete decorated  with feathers
Corporate Gifts: Other sizes and frame colours available available please contact us
Size: 23cm x 23cm
Made in New Zealand

Price NZ $270.00* (convert currency)
             *less GST on deliveries outside NZ (GST Exempt)

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