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Legendary Possum Merino Socks
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  Legendary Possum Merino Socks

Superb possum socks, (made with possum  & merino wool combined). They are uniquely New Zealand socks thanks to the toasty warm and luxuriously soft opossum fur, blended with merino wool, silk and nylon for durability and shape retention. Once you have tried these, you will want to wear no other socks.  Opossum socks are an eco friendly gift. 

Made from:  Possum Merino blend: 40% Merino Wool, 32% Opossum Fur, 20% Nylon, 8% Silk

Sizes  Mens  NZ/AUS/UK          Eur          USA  
Small            2-5                       35-38        3-6
Medium         6-10                     39-44        7-11 
King(Large)    11-13                  45-47        12-14

  From our customers:

"...emailing to say how pleased I am with the socks. They went with me to do some high altitude walking in Switzerland and were just great in all the snow. Thank you for your great product and great service"  Jane Savage, UK

"How do I stop the family wearing my possum socks?" Peter McD., Australia

Made in New Zealand

Contact us for  Quantity Discounts

Price NZ $33.95* (convert currency)
             *less GST on deliveries outside NZ (GST Exempt)

Colours / Styles
Black Red Denim Wheat (Beige)

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