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  Search Results » 'Tidal Kina' pottery Orb Vase

'Tidal Kina' pottery Orb Vase
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  'Tidal Kina' pottery Orb Vase

From the 'Tidal' collection this 'Kina' Vase is gorgeous. A stunning black and cream crackle glazed orb, with a black glaze on the bottom (and inside). These are created by one of NZ's top Potters, and they are superb New Zealand gifts (NZ made). They come stylishly boxed, with gift delivery NZ and worldwide.

Size: 11.5cm diameter
Genuine NZ made products
Corporate Gifts: Contact us for Quantity Discounts

Price NZ $63.25* (convert currency)
             *less GST on deliveries outside NZ (GST Exempt)

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